Alcohol: Risky business

Using alcohol can be risky business. While there may be some benefits, there are also risks to misusing alcohol.

It’s no ordinary commodity. Alcohol dependence affects 5% of people who drink.

The more a person drinks alcohol, the greater the risks for personal injury or harm through motor vehicle collisions or violence. Alcohol use over a long time increases your risks for some chronic diseases, including high blood pressure and stroke; addictions and mental health issues; and mouth, oesophageal, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancers.

Risks for injuries

Risks for diseases

Other risks

Reduce the risks for long-term health concerns:

Anyone over the age of 25 should follow the Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines:

To reduce the risks for injury or harm:

Standard serving sizes vary with each alcoholic beverage.

Legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. People 19 to 24 should NEVER exceed the daily and weekly limits.

When you should not use any alcohol:

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks can be a dangerous combination

This item was last modified on September 24, 2020