Guidance for travellers (COVID-19)

If you plan  on travelling, plan ahead and be COVID-safe. Before you travel make sure you get vaccinated against COVID-19 and are up to date with all recommended doses, at least 14 days before your departure.  

It is recommended you continue to practise personal protective measures when traveling domestically and internationally. Other countries, provinces, and territories may have different travel restrictions (Government of Canada) or personal protective measures that must be followed. When travelling domestically, check with public health authorities of the province or territory of your destination before you leave.

Canadian Quarantine Act

A Quarantine Act is currently in effect and requires individuals entering Canada by air, sea, or land to self-isolate for 14 days whether they have symptoms of COVID-19. Some individuals may be exempt from quarantine. (Government of Canada)

Review the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 travel: Checklist for requirements and exemptions to find out if you may be exempt (Government of Canada) from mandatory quarantine requirements.

Stay informed

Download the ArriveCAN app or visit the Government of Canada website and the Government of Ontario website to stay up to date on travel information.


This item was last modified on June 17, 2022