Guidance for travellers (COVID-19)

It’s important to know that if you travel abroad or within Canada, you may come in contact with the novel coronavirus. Always follow the latest travel advice and advisories.

An official global travel advisory is in effect. Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada until further notice.

As of midnight, March 25, 2020, the Government of Canada announced an Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act that requires any person entering Canada by air, sea or land to self-isolate for 14 days whether or not they have symptoms of COVID-19. All individuals permitted to enter Canada are subject to this Order, with the exception of certain persons who cross the border regularly to ensure the continued flow of goods and services, and those who provide essential services.

Exposures to COVID-19 (NEW tool)

The Public Health Agency of Canada posts information on COVID-19 exposures on flights, cruise ships, and mass gatherings.

Direction for ALL returning travellers to Canada (including those returning from the United States):


An exemption to the direction to all returning travellers to Canada to self-isolate for 14 days may be provided to workers who are essential to the movement of goods and people. For example, this exemption would apply to:

Workers in these sectors should:

Travelling within Canada

All residents who are planning to travel should be aware that COVID-19 is still circulating at different levels around the province. The safest options are to stay in the area of your home community or to stay in the region.

Those who choose to travel should make sure to follow public health guidance. Here are steps to keep yourself and others safe:

If you think you have traveled somewhere (within or outside of Ontario) where you may have been exposed to COVID-19, or if you have any questions, call us at 705.522.9200 (toll-free 1.866.522.9200).

This item was last modified on July 21, 2020