You Can Create Change!

Everyone has a role to play in poverty reduction

Circles Sudbury focuses on building relationships between people from all income levels to help individuals and families living in low income. Circles Sudbury creates intentional relationships between “Circles Leaders” (participants living in low income) and “Circles Allies” (community volunteers who serve as their allies).

Our first Circles Sudbury video features experiences of a participant (Leader) and a volunteer (Ally) in the program.

Our second Circles Sudbury video features the stories and hopes of participants connected with the Circles Sudbury initiative.

Learn more about the poverty reduction initiatives in our community by viewing our interactive story map.

Helping individuals living in poverty by building relationships

Would you like to become a Circles Ally volunteer and offer friendship, coaching, emotional and practical support to someone living in poverty as they move forward into financial stability? Circles Sudbury focuses on supporting individuals and their families as they work through their action plan for future economic sustainability.

Are you ready to exit poverty? Join Circles Sudbury!

Learn more about what Circles Sudbury and Circles Leader Training can do to support you while you work on your plan to exit poverty.

Starting a conversation about poverty

Bridges out of Poverty workshops invite participants to look at poverty differently by exploring the experiences and realities of people living in poverty in contrast with those people living in middle and upper income.

You Can Create Change

No one should be at risk of poor health because of their social and economic circumstances. The You Can Create Change campaign aims to demonstrate how everyone can create change in their community to achieve health equity.

What can I do?

Get informed

Start a conversation


Governments and elections play an important role in shaping policies that impact all aspects of our lives, including our health. When you vote, you register your opinion on how you think the government should operate. It’s your right.

Decide how you will vote by:

Get involved, volunteer, and give back

Volunteering is an essential part of any strong community. Helping others and giving back to society creates a sense of belonging, improves community connections and can improve overall community health. A little time and compassion are all you need to help make your community a better place.

Your actions can make a difference in someone’s life.

There are many ways to get involved in your community. Talk with the organizations you are most interested in about volunteering. Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ welcomes volunteers of all ages and abilities. We also recruit volunteers for the Circles Sudbury program.

Other ways you can contribute to a thriving community are:

2016 Public Health Champions Award: You Can Create Change

The 2016 Public Health Champions Award focused on the theme of You Can Create Change. The award was presented to a community member, Monique Mercier, and the organization Our Children, Our Future.

Fighting Stigma and Finding Support

Learn more about the Fighting Stigma and Finding Support event, held on March 11, 2020. The event aimed to raise public awareness about the stigma and discrimination faced by individuals with mental health conditions, and the importance of social supports. The event also shared real life stories and challenges of accessing mental health supports, securing affordable housing, and living in low income in our community from the voices of those most affected.

The event included a lecture from mental health advocate Amy Willans and an interactive Photovoice art exhibit produced by participants (Leaders) in the Circles program.

Watch the video to see snapshots from the Fighting Stigma and Finding Support event.

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