Eating disorders and disordered eating

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder, they can go for help at the Regional Eating Disorders Program offered through Health Sciences North.

What is the difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating?

Eating disorder:

Disordered eating:1

Signs and symptoms of disordered eating.

In general, watch for:2

Where can I go for help with eating disorders?

The Regional Eating Disorders Program (REDP) is a community-based outpatient assessment and treatment program available to residents of Northeastern Ontario. Offered through Health Sciences North’s Mental Health and Addictions Program, the eating disorders program offers services to children, adolescents and adults (along with their families) suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

How can I access services through the REDP?

Referrals to the REDP are accepted from the person seeking help, family members, friends, health care providers or other community agencies. In the City of Greater Sudbury and the Sudbury and Manitoulin districts, call the Central Intake and Referral Coordination (CIRC) Program or visit them in person at 127 Cedar Street, Sudbury, ON for more information. Referral forms for health care providers can be printed from the Health Sciences North’s Mental Health and Addictions website and sent to the CIRC Program. Once referral forms are completed, an intake clinician will contact you with more information or to schedule an appointment. The CIRC is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and can be reached at 705.523.4988, ext. 4221.


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