Healthy eating: workplace health

Everyone has a role to play to make the workplace a healthy place.

People spend a lot of time at work. Start healthy eating habits there and they will spread to your home life too.

Workplaces are an ideal setting to promote healthy eating

Employees spend a substantial part of their day at work. Although employees are responsible for deciding what to eat and how to manage their time, the workplace environment plays a key role in helping employees adopt healthy eating practices. The evidence is mounting that food choices at work are influenced by many factors, including:

To be effective, workplace wellness programs need to go beyond educating employees about personal health goals and address the conditions and workplace practices that make it difficult for employees to be healthy.

Comprehensive workplace wellness programs use multiple strategies to target employees and tackle the nutrition environment in the workplace. Workplace actions and goals are developed and planned so activities build on one another, rather than offering one or two isolated sessions. Progress in changing employee knowledge, attitudes and eating behaviours is tracked and used to revise and inform the plan.

Everyone has a role to play to make the workplace a healthy place.

What can employers do?

Employers can encourage healthy eating through words AND actions. For example, the workplace models reasonable and healthy workplace practices such as:

 What can employees do?

Make the healthy choice the easy choice

Eating healthy meals and snacks is a great way to fuel your body and mind so you can function well on the job. Over time, healthy eating helps to prevent diet-related chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers and obesity.

Think ahead. It takes about 15 minutes to plan your lunches and snacks for the week ahead. With a plan you will save time, money and eat better. Research shows that meals prepared at home tend to be lower in fat, sugar and salt.

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