Work stress and mental health

Work related stress is one of the top health risks identified by employers.

In Canada, 1 in 4 workers reported being highly stressed (Statistics Canada, 2014).

Is stress a good thing?

Stress is a combination of our physical and emotional reactions to situations that we believe challenge or pressure us. Sometimes stress is good for us because it can motivate us to continue working, but other times it can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to handle the demands of a situation.

Why is there stress in the workplace?

Stress in the workplace can happen due to various reasons such as demands and our perceived ability to meet these demands. Stress exists in any workplace and can be experienced by anyone regardless of their job. Stress is not caused by an individual weakness.

Excessive or ongoing stress can lead to:

Often people who experience chronic stress will adopt unhealthy coping behaviours such as:

According to the World Health Organization (2004) stressed employees are more likely to:

An employer’s involvement can:

Take action now!

As an employer you can:

As an employee you can:

The coping with stress booklet (the Heart and Stroke Foundation [PDF]) has some great information!

Find out more:

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This item was last modified on April 30, 2020