New video explores the powerful impact of the Circles program in helping people exit poverty

It’s showtime! Circles Sudbury and Public Health Sudbury & Districts were eager to debut a brand-new video yesterday, one that demonstrates the power of the Circles program for people living in poverty—as told by a participant and volunteer.

Helping people exit poverty: the power of the Circles program


“In my case, I really needed the encouragement and support,” said Hughie, about his experience with Circles Sudbury. Hughie’s experience with Circles Sudbury, including the relationship he has established with Dan, his ally in the program, is the focus of the new video. “The Circles program brings together leaders, allies, and coaches to come up with solutions to help participants get out of poverty. This experience has impacted me in so many ways. I would definitely recommend the Circles program to anyone.”

Circles is a community initiative that offers friendship, coaching, and support to individuals and their families as they move forward with their plans to exit poverty. Circles is one of three interconnected programs—the others being Bridges out of Poverty and Circles Leader Training—operating in Greater Sudbury thanks to a provincial Local Poverty Reduction Fund grant. The aim of the three programs is to build relationships across all economic groups to help individuals living on low income get out of poverty and build communities in which everyone can do well.

“Health equity is about building health opportunities for all,” said Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer of Public Health Sudbury & Districts. “Thanks to Hughie’s willingness to share his story, we are reminded that not everyone has the supports they need to thrive. The Circles program is about making those supports available throughout our community, and we applaud the efforts of all our partners, participants, and volunteers.”

The launch of the video coincided with a visit from Gayle Montgomery, Circles Canada National Recruiter. “I am very pleased to be here today to join the celebration of the Circles Sudbury success. This poverty reduction community strategy provides everyone involved with relationships and resources and, most of all, a reason to thrive!” said Montgomery, who spoke to Circles participants about the history of the program and her own experiences with the poverty reduction initiative.

This work is being led by Public Health Sudbury & Districts in partnership with the Partners to End Poverty Steering Committee, which is made up of local agencies with a passion and commitment to poverty reduction from across Greater Sudbury.

Learn more about the Circles program and what it takes to be a volunteer by visiting us at, by contacting us at 705.522.9200, ext. 771, or via email at

This item was last modified on October 12, 2018