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There’s a strong link between health and education outcomes.

Providing students with health knowledge and living skills at a young age increases the likelihood that they will adopt healthy active living practices as adults.

We support you in meeting the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education curriculum by directing you to the tools and resources listed below. You will find the information divided by related topics in an A-Z list.

The Ophea H&PE Curriculum resources for Grades 1-8 are available online to educators in both French and English through a password-protected site. You have access to Teaching Tools with your account or create an account for free. They have ready-to-use lesson plans per grade, teacher/student resources, student templates and assessment tools aligned with the 2015 H&PE curriculum.

Approaches to Teaching Healthy Living: A Guide for Secondary Educators (Ophea) provides secondary H&PE teachers with a comprehensive guide to facilitate their planning and instruction of the Healthy Living curriculum and assessment of student learning.

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This item was last modified on July 18, 2019