Destination: Happy Haven – Music: Reflexion

Be in a comfortable state of mind, whether you’re sitting on a chair, lying on the ground or on your bed.

Find a spot in the room where you are at peace, where you can be relaxed.

Concentrate on your breathing. Get ready to fill your lungs with air.

Breathe in… Breathe out.

Breathe in….Breathe out.

Feel the tension in your body. Find any tension, in your eyes, your fingers, your feet, your toes. Find that tension. Release the tension in every muscle, relax.

Drop your shoulders, let your head fall. Be aware of your senses.

Make sure your eyes are closed,
What do you see?…..
What do you hear?…..
What do you smell?…..
What do you taste?…..touch? …..
Be aware of your body and all of your 5 senses.

Remember to breathe deeply, through your nose, and your mouth.

Imagine yourself on a road. It doesn`t need to be a typical road. It could be a colourful road. This road is your road. What makes this road so special to you? What do you see? What kind of colours do you see? Imagine yourself smelling your surroundings. What kind of scents do you smell? I want you to imagine what your destination is. It could be your home; it could be an imaginary paradise. What do you see in this paradise? What do you hear, you smell, you taste, you touch? How does this place make you feel? Is it happy, sad, angry. Next, I want you to imagine someone special, someone that makes you feel good, someone that makes you feel confidant. It could be someone from your family, your friends, someone you love. Take your time in choosing someone special. Visualize that person in your mind. Once you have a person, I want you to imagine just that person, nothing else. Imagine what they are wearing, the colour of their clothes, and the kind of shoes. Notice every detail of that person. Take that image and imagine it coming closer to you. How are you feeling when you’re closer to them? Can you smell their perfume? Now, the person is so close, that you can touch them. I want you to imagine that you are holding hands with that person. How does that make you feel? Is their hand soft? Next, I want you to imagine that person slowly leaving. As that person is leaving, I want you to imagine how you feel. Does it make you sad, happy, angry? Now I want you to go back to your road. I want you to imagine seeing your destination as well as the person you were just with. How far are you from reaching them? I want you to imagine that you are slowly zooming out. Your destination, as well as the person you were with, are getting smaller and smaller and smaller, until you can only see a little dot in the distance.

I want you to remember you can go back on the same road again. Go back to that peace of mind. Remember to concentrate on your breathing, relax the tension of your body. And in 3, open your eyes. 3….2…1… Open your eyes.

This item was last modified on August 17, 2018