Comprehensive workplace health promotion approach

Comprehensive workplace health promotion is “an approach to protecting and enhancing the health of employees that relies and builds upon the efforts of employers to create a supportive management culture and upon the efforts of employees to care for their own wellbeing.” (Martin Shain & H. Suurvali, (2001).

It’s the best approach for creating a healthier workplace because it will help you provide a sustainable program of activities that reflect the needs and priorities of employees and the organization.

3 factors that influence the health of employees and the workplace

The most effective workplace health programs address all 3 factors:

  1. occupational health and safety
  2. personal health practices
  3. organizational culture
Diagram showing relationship between organizational culture, occupational health and safety, and personal health practices.

Occupational health and safety

Personal health practices

Organizational culture

Effective health promotion strategies:

In addition to addressing the factors that influence employee and workplace health, your comprehensive workplace health plan needs to include strategies.

Awareness raising

Education and skill building

Supportive environments

Policy development

The workplace health matrix

The matrix illustrates the connections between the health promotion strategies you could use and the factors that influence employee and workplace health.

Physical ActivityFactor, Occupational Health and SafetyFactor, Personal Health PracticesFactor, Organizational Culture
Strategy, Awareness RaisingRaise awareness about the need to wear proper equipment to prevent injuries.Raise awareness via the newsletter about the benefits of being physically active.Raise awareness about the importance of providing input to management.
Strategy, Educational and Skill BuildingOffer training on how to use equipment for physical activity.Assist employees to set small, realistic physical activity goals.Provide information on the best ways to give feedback to management.
Strategy, Supportive EnvironmentsProvide an opportunity to learn about the use of proper equipment for physical activity.Provide fitness facilities in the workplace or money gift cards for running shoes, equipment.Provide transportation to and from physical activity facilities.
Strategy, Guidelines or PoliciesRegarding the use of any physical activity equipment or re: physical activities.All employees have flextime to do physical activity during the lunch hour.Create policies that allow employees a certain amount of work time each year to pursue physical activity.


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