Falls prevention: health professionals

Falls reduce the quality of life for older adults and cost the Ontario health care system millions every year.

There are many things health professionals can do to help the older adult and their family identify risky lifestyles habits and eliminate home hazards.

Falls have a major impact on the Ontario health care system:

Falls prevention framework and toolkit

In September 2010, falls prevention was identified as one of the key pan-Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) priorities. As a result, the Integrated Provincial Falls Prevention Framework & Toolkit (Association of Local Public Health Agencies, PDF) was developed, which outlines falls prevention implementation strategies and next steps for the local and provincial levels to ensure a consistent approach to preventing falls.

How can you help?

As a health professional, you play an important role in falls prevention. There are many things you can do to help older adults and their families identify risky lifestyles habits and eliminate home hazards. You can implement strategies found in the Integrated Provincial Falls Prevention Framework & Toolkit and refer to numerous community programs in the Sudbury and district area that would benefit older adults.

Join the Stay On Your Feet Sudbury Manitoulin Falls Prevention Coalition

The goal of the Coalition is to develop programs and educational materials with the intent of decreasing the number of falls and fall-related injuries in older adults in the Sudbury and Manitoulin districts. Membership is open to all individuals and agencies in this area who share an interest in falls prevention. Older adults are also welcome to join the Coalition.

To join the Coalition, please call Stay On Your Feet Sudbury Manitoulin at 705.674.4330, toll-free 1.855.674.4330, or email stayonyourfeet@sdhu.com.

Training opportunities

Do you have an interest in facilitating an exercise program for older adults? Do you need guidance on how to integrate falls prevention programming into your existing health services policies and protocols? If so, we can help. Below is a list of training opportunities offered by the Health Unit and the Stay On Your Feet Sudbury Manitoulin Falls Prevention Coalition.

If you are interested in these training opportunities and would like to be notified when they will be offered, please call Stay On Your Feet Sudbury Manitoulin at 705.674.4330, toll-free 1.855.674.4330, or email stayonyourfeet@sdhu.com.

Stand Up! facilitator training

Stand Up! is an evidence-based fall prevention program that lasts 12 weeks and consists of 3 components: group exercises, exercises at home, and discussion sessions on fall prevention. It is designed for community groups such as older adults citizen centres, church groups, seniors clubs, community health centres and municipal recreation services.

If you have a strong interest in preventing falls among older adults and are interested in facilitating a multifaceted program in the community, then this training is for you. This is a one-day, free workshop. As part of this training you will receive the facilitator’s binder to help you implement the program. It is necessary for safety reasons that interested facilitators have a strong understanding of human physiology, experience with physical assessment, older adults and exercise.

Home support exercise program — facilitator training

The Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP) is 10 simple, yet progressive, exercises (YouTube) designed to enhance and maintain functional fitness, mobility, balance and independence of homebound older adults. This training (YouTube) is offered at no cost and is intended for individuals in leadership and supervisory roles. Following the training, participants can deliver a 4-hour HSEP workshop to front-line workers, who can then deliver the program to their clients. As part of this training you will receive the materials to facilitate the program.

Canadian falls prevention curriculum

This 2-day workshop will provide you with knowledge and skills required to operate from an evidence-based approach in falls prevention. You will learn to select interventions consistent with proven prevention strategies, how to integrate falls prevention programming into your existing older adult health services policies and protocols and increase your knowledge of appropriate evaluation and dissemination techniques. As part of this training you will receive all course materials that are required for your knowledge and skill building.

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