Tobacco cessation

As a health provider, you can make a difference in helping your clients quit smoking.

Address tobacco use

Screen for tobacco use and offer minimal contact interventions (MCI) at every opportunity to all clients who use tobacco products. MCI is a short intervention that is meant to encourage individuals to:

The 5A model of MCI is recognized internationally as a best practice in tobacco cessation. Use the 5As with all of your clients.

ASK about tobacco use at every contact.
ADVISE that quitting is the best thing they can do for their health.
ASSESS their readiness to quit.
ASSIST by providing brief counselling and pharmacotherapy.
ARRANGE for follow-up in your office or make a referral to Smokers’ Helpline.

Refer to our Quit Smoking Clinic

Clients can self-refer to our Quit Smoking Clinic. Click here to learn more about our cessation services and order promotional materials for your office.

Additional resources

Information and tools to assist you to work with your clients

Implement cessation strategies and techniques in your daily practice

This item was last modified on June 12, 2015