Public Service Announcement: new confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported by Public Health Sudbury & Districts

April 3, 2020, 12:15 p.m. – Public Health Sudbury & Districts is reporting new COVID-19 cases in residents in our service area (Greater Sudbury, Sudbury District, and Manitoulin District).

Details of confirmed case(s)

Case numberAgeGenderExposure categoryStatusTested (dd/mm/yy)Area
Case #1930sMaleInternational travelSelf-isolating27/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #2050sFemaleInternational travelSelf-isolating26/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #2170sFemaleInternational travel

Close contact
Self-isolating28/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #2250sMaleInternational travelSelf-isolating30/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #2360sFemaleInternational travel

Close contact
Self-isolating27/03/2020Sudbury District
Case #24<19Not specifiedClose contactSelf-isolating31/03/2020Greater Sudbury
Case #2540sFemaleClose contactSelf-isolating01/04/2020Greater Sudbury

Travel information:

In addition, Public Health updated its online reporting today to indicate that two patients who previously tested positive are now considered “resolved” according to current public health criteria.

Updates about COVID-19  (novel coronavirus) for Greater Sudbury, the District of Sudbury, and the District of Manitoulin are posted online as new developments arise.

Visit for more information or call Public Health Sudbury & Districts at 705.522.9200 (toll-free 1.866.522.9200).

Visit Ontario’s website to learn more about the province’s response to COVID-19.

This item was last modified on April 20, 2020