Supervised Consumption Services Study

The Community Drug Strategy for the City of Greater Sudbury is conducting a needs assessment and feasibility study to determine the degree of need for supervised consumption services supervised consumption services in our community.

Process of obtaining supervised consumption services in our community

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Steps in the exploration of local Supervised Consumption Services* 2019-2020

*In Ontario, Supervised Consumption Services are now referred to as Consumption Treatment Services.

There are several steps in the exploration of local Supervised Consumption Services:

  1. Acquire funding of Community Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study ─ status: complete
  2. Conduct Supervised Consumption Services Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study ─ status: in progress
    • Online community survey – complete
    • Interviews with people who inject drugs – complete
    • Focus groups (Fall/Winter 2019) – complete
    • Secondary data analysis (Winter 2020) – in progress
    • Internal report for committee review (Spring 2020)
    • Full report and summary report (Spring 2020)
  3. Obtain a letter of support from municipal council and letter of opinion from the Ministry of Health
  4. Submit a provincial funding application to the Ministry of Health
  5. Submit a request for federal exemption from Health Canada
  6. Pending federal exemption approval
  7. Pending provincial approval
  8. Mobilization of resources and staffing
  9. Supervised Consumption Services in operation

Supervised Consumption Services Study Research Team

Dr. Patrick Oghene, lead-investigator

Qualitative Researcher with a background in Psycho-social Counselling for patients with a history of trauma and substance use

Ms. Kristen Morin, co-investigator

Quantitative researcher with a background in mental health and addictions

Dr. Joe Eibl, co-investigator

Assistant Professor in the School for Rural and Northern Health, Laurentian University

Dr. David Marsh, senior investigator

Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine

What are supervised consumption services?

These are spaces where people can use drugs under supervision of trained staff in a clean, safe and non-judgmental environment. People are provided with safer drug use equipment and can also receive medical care and referrals to other health and social services.

This study will help us to understand the current needs of people who use drugs, the needs of our community, as well as the impact of drug use in our community. Given the rise in opioid-related overdoses, supervised consumption services have been shown to reduce overdoses, infections, and deaths related to drug use. Learn more.

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