Community Drug Strategy for the City of Greater Sudbury

Our vision

Substance misuse affects everyone. From the challenges of keeping medications away from children and teens; to alcohol misuse in teens and adults; to experimentation with substances and addictions, and accidental poisonings – substance misuse affects all of society.

The Community Drug Strategy envisions a community working together to improve the health, safety, and well-being of all individuals, families, neighbourhoods and communities in Greater Sudbury by creating a society increasingly free of the range of harms associated with substance misuse.


Our drug strategy is built on four principles that are integrated into the plan, forming both the support and the structure of our Community Drug Strategy. To learn more, explore the tabs below.

Our call to action video

Why does Greater Sudbury need a Community Drug Strategy?

Let’s work together to reduce the impacts of substance misuse in our community!

Our strategy

Read the full Drug Strategy (PDF) or the Executive Summary (PDF).

This item was last modified on October 30, 2018