Drug Alert: Confirmed presence of flubromazolam

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The Community Drug Strategy has received confirmation of a new potent substance, flubromazolam, circulating in Sudbury and Manitoulin districts.

Flubromazolam, also known as “liquid Xanax”, is a potent designer benzodiazepine (benzo). Consuming flubromazolam can result in strong sedation and partial amnesia lasting more than 24 hours. Death can occur if taken in large quantities. Sedation and partial amnesia can make people vulnerable to injury and loss of personal possessions. In Toronto’s drug-checking report of September 25, 2023 31% of samples expected to be fentanyl contained bromazolam, a class which includes flubromazolam.

Benzos and opioids when taken together increase the risk of poisoning (overdose) and death.

An overdose occurs when a person uses more of a substance, or combination of substances, than their body can handle. As a consequence, the brain is unable to control basic life functions. The person might pass out, stop breathing or experience a seizure. Overdoses can be fatal.

Prevent overdoses to save lives:

Overdose symptoms include:

How to respond to an overdose:

These steps are especially important as flubromazolam decreases breathing and the effects such as sedation can be long lasting.  

Where to get naloxone?

For a free naloxone kit, contact The Point at Public Health Sudbury & Districts, Réseau Access Network, Sudbury Action Centre for Youth (SACY), or ask your local hospital or pharmacy. Or visit www.ontario.ca/page/get-naloxone-kits-free.

Be cautious if using drugs and please distribute this information widely to help save lives.


This item was last modified on September 27, 2023