Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine

There are many questions circulating about the vaccine and what it means for the future of Ontarians (Government of Ontario) and COVID-19. Stay up to date about the latest vaccine developments from the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

Doses administered

Public Health Sudbury & Districts will report vaccination data for our area as vaccine is administered locally.

Vaccination clinics for COVID-19

Public Health is immunizing several priority groups simultaneously to ensure the most vulnerable populations are protected the quickest. For details on upcoming vaccination clinics, visit our vaccination clinics page.

COVID-19 vaccine bulletin

Public Health is committed to keeping the public updated on the COVID-19 vaccine. To keep our local communities informed, we issue a COVID-19 vaccine bulletin on a periodic basis to provide timely COVID-19 vaccine updates, resources, and information on local planning.

Vaccine Playbook

Note: there will be no further revisions to this document at this time. Any changes related to the Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ Vaccine Program will be communicated through news releases and social media.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts has developed the Public Health Sudbury & Districts COVID-19 Vaccination Program Playbook to guide local COVID-19 vaccination efforts. The goal is to achieve a vaccine coverage level of at least 75% of eligible recipients in our service area, within the prescribed timeframe, and respecting provincial direction on vaccine recipient sequencing

For details on the planned vaccination implementation and rollout, read the Playbook (PDF, 4 MB).

Download the summary (PDF, 1 MB)

For a visual summary of the three phases of the local vaccination program, view the At-a-Glance plan (PDF, 150 KB) of Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ COVID-19 vaccination implementation and rollout.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Check out our vaccine FAQ to find out about safety and efficacy of the vaccines, populations that will be sequenced to receive the vaccine first, guidelines for immunization, and more. There is also a specific set of questions for residents, employees, and essential caregivers of residents in long-term care and retirement homes

To learn even more, visit our COVID-19 vaccine resources page, our Guidance for health care providers, long-term care homes, and retirement homes (COVID-19) page, or contact Public Health by calling 705-522-9200 (toll free: 1-866-522-9200).

This item was last modified on May 7, 2021