Students learn, live, work, and play on campus. Get involved, think big, and help design your healthy campus today.

What is resiliency?

Resiliency is having the resources to thrive in life. All of our partners have a strong interest in building a resilient campus by increasing the building blocks of healthy development.

What are assets?

Developmental assets are building blocks of development that help young people grow-up healthy, caring, and responsible. Assets are opportunities, skills,relationships, values, and self-perceptions that all young people need in their lives.

Designing a healthy campus community

Everyone has a role to play in creating the conditions for students and staff to learn and thrive. This video, from the Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Initiative, explains the latest thinking and research behind how and why post-secondary education can be designed to enable student health, well-being, learning and success (source: Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division and Simon Fraser University Health Promotion).

Small actions can have big effects. You have the power to make a difference on your campus. #assetscount

This item was last modified on September 21, 2017