Older adults and cannabis

Is it safe for older adults to use cannabis?

The effects of cannabis may be more hazardous or concerning for older adults, including chronic bronchitis, airway injury, increased heart rate and hypotension1 .

Cannabis can also interact with other medications that are commonly prescribed to older adults2. If you are an older adult using cannabis, you should be closely monitored by your health care provider, because many prescriptions medications can interact with cannabis. Each person’s responses to the drug will be different. Talk to your health care provider to decide if cannabis is right for your and to see if there might be concerns related to your other prescriptions.

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2 Mayo Clinic. (2016). Drugs and Supplements: Marijuana (Cannabis sativa). URL: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements-marijuana/art-20364974

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This item was last modified on December 11, 2018