Accountability & Performance

There are many things that drive the work of Public Health Sudbury & Districts. Every day, we strive to achieve our vision and live our mission, while being guided by our strategic priorities and organizational values (as articulated in our 2024–2028 Strategic Plan). We also ensure we meet the provincial requirements that are set out in the Ontario Public Health Standards.

There are a number of reporting, accountability, and performance responsibilities related to the work we do, how we do it, and the results we achieve. These responsibilities help support the achievement of high standards and quality public health practice, while meeting the needs of our local communities. Some of these responsibilities are required by the province and are part of provincial accountability and monitoring, while others have been locally determined.

Our 2024–2028 Accountability Monitoring Plan

The 2024–2028 Accountability Monitoring Plan explains how we comply with legal, funding, and program requirements and contributes to the Board’s commitment to transparency with all stakeholders. The 2024–2028 AMP includes three main monitoring and reporting categories that collectively demonstrate accountability for provincial mandates and local commitments:

  1. Organizational requirements
  2. Foundational and program requirements
  3. Strategic Plan

Organizational requirements

Within the organizational requirements category, we monitor and/or report on the four domains of accountability in the OPHS: delivery of programs and services, fiduciary requirements, good governance and management practices, and public health practice. We also monitor other requirements that the OPHS identifies as common to all domains. Reporting for the organizational requirements includes Ministry of Health compliance attestations grouped by the domains of accountability.

Foundational and program requirements

Within the foundational and program requirements category, we monitor progress and measure success with provincial and locally developed reporting mechanisms relating to the 2021 OPHS Foundational Standards and Program Standards. We report on Ministry of Health program indicators and compliance attestations for program activities, outcomes, and contributions to population health. We also monitor, and report as needed, on locally determined indicators in accordance with local program plans and Ministry of Health planning requirements.

Strategic Plan

Finally, we measure performance and progress as it relates to the 20242028 Strategic Plan and the implementation of our Board of Health strategic priorities: equal opportunities for health, impactful relationships, excellence in public health practice, and healthy and resilient workforce. Reporting includes performance measures for each strategic priority as well as agency reports and stories that show the Strategic Plan in action.

These three categories collectively form the 2024–2028 AMP. The Accountability Monitoring Framework is also supported by planning documents (the agency’s Strategic Plan, internal program plans, and the Annual Service Plan and Budget Submission), and by reporting documents (including performance reports and annual reports and attestations) which align with one or more of the three reporting categories.

This item was last modified on April 18, 2024