Accountability & Performance

There are many things that drive the work of Public Health Sudbury & Districts. Every day, we strive to achieve our vision and live our mission, while being guided by our strategic priorities and organizational values (as articulated in our 2024–2028 Strategic Plan). We also ensure we meet the provincial requirements that are set out in the Ontario Public Health Standards.

There are a number of reporting, accountability, and performance responsibilities related to the work we do, how we do it, and the results we achieve. These responsibilities help support the achievement of high standards and quality public health practice, while meeting the needs of our local communities. Some of these responsibilities are required by the province and are part of provincial accountability and monitoring, while others have been locally determined.

Our 2018-2022 Accountability Monitoring Plan

The 2018-2022 Accountability Monitoring Plan serves as an overarching framework for organizational accountability and monitoring for Public Health Sudbury & Districts. The Public Health Sudbury & Districts Accountability Monitoring Plan helps “tell the story” of performance relating to three main categories of reporting:

  1. organizational requirements: including both provincial and locally determined organizational indicators
  2. program requirements: including both ministry program indicators and locally determined program indicators
  3. strategic priorities:  including narrative reports for each priority.

Accountability related to Organizational and Program Requirements are presented annually in the Annual Accountability Monitoring Report.

Accountability related to the Strategic Priorities is presented twice per year, in the Strategic Priorities: Narrative Reports as well as annually in the Annual Accountability Monitoring Report.

Organizational Requirements

The provincial government has developed a Public Health Accountability Framework to articulate the Ministry’s expectations of boards of health and to support the implementation of public health programs and services and a strong public health sector. As part of the Public Health Accountability Framework, there are organizational requirements for which boards of health are held accountable, and for which monitoring and/or reporting to the ministry are required.

Within the organizational requirements category, we report on four domains of accountability per the Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS): delivery of programs and services, fiduciary requirements, good governance and management practices, and public health practice.

We report on compliance with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care organizational requirements (as outlined in the 2018 OPHS), and compliance with Public Health Sudbury & Districts locally-determined organizational indicators that reflect the local context.

Learn more about the Public Health Accountability Framework and reporting requirements for the Boards of Health (Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care).

Program Requirements

Within the program requirements category, we monitor progress and measure success with both provincial and local reporting mechanisms relating to the foundational and program standards of the 2018 OPHS. We report on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care public health indicators for program outcomes and contributions to population health outcomes, as well as on additional Public Health Sudbury & Districts locally-determined indicators in accordance with our program planning.

Strategic Priorities

The Public Health Sudbury & Districts 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is another component of reporting in the Accountability Monitoring Plan. The Strategic Plan includes four strategic priorities that represent key areas of focus and direct future actions to create optimal conditions for health for all. Ongoing monitoring of the integration of the strategic priorities within programs and/or services provides an opportunity to gauge progress on these areas.

The current published Strategic Priorities: Narrative Reports can be found here.

Past Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The Public Health Sudbury & Districts 2013-2017 Performance Monitoring Plan was the first performance monitoring framework for the organization. The Performance Monitoring Plan included data and information on compliance with provincially mandated indicators and organization-specific indicators, as well as narrative reports on Strategic Plan priorities. Accountability measures were monitored regularly and the report was shared with the Board of Health annually. The 2017 Performance Monitoring Report (HTMLPDF, 733 KB)  is available here and other past reports are available upon request.

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