Client Service Standards

Our Client Service Standards are a public commitment to a level of performance that you can expect under normal circumstances where our expected resources are available. Special circumstances where regular service standards would not apply would be holidays, natural disasters, or emergencies.

Our Client Service Standards ensure Public Health Sudbury & Districts staff will:

1. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner

We respond to telephone, email, or social media requests within one business day. Our responses or automated messages tell clients when they can expect to get a reply. The messages also tell clients whom to contact for help sooner.

If we can’t respond to clients within one business day due to high request volumes, we will reply with an automated message and respond as soon as we can. This can happen during, for example, public health emergencies.

2. Offer services in French

We will strive to have services in French available, offered, accessible, and visible.

3. Respect the diversity of our clients

We offer our services respectfully to every client, recognizing the diversity of communities (for example, age, education, race, ethnicity, income, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ability).

4. Offer culturally appropriate services

We will make sure that our approaches and environments are culturally appropriate, safe, and inclusive.

5. Offer accessible services

We will make sure that the locations where we offer services are accessible, welcoming, and respectful so that everyone has an opportunity to use and benefit from our services.

6. Offer tailored services

We will strive to respond to requests from our communities, partners, or clients and to tailor our services as possible.

7. Offer evidence-based information

We will make sure that all information and services provided to our communities use the best available evidence and strive for continuous improvement and ongoing learning.

8. Respect client privacy

We will protect our client’s privacy and keep their information safe and secure.

Our Commitment to YOU

Public Health Sudbury & Districts recognizes the importance of providing quality services to our communities, clients, and partners. We are committed to promoting excellence in public health practice by continuously developing a skilled and diverse workforce. In alignment with our core values, we pledge to demonstrate humility, trust, and respect in our actions; to communicate information clearly and transparently; and to hold ourselves accountable to the actions we take. We are open to feedback to improve our programs and services and continually work towards healthier communities for all. Please visit the contact section of our website to complete our How Did We Do Today? Survey to provide feedback.

This item was last modified on January 7, 2020