If indoors and you feel an earthquake stay where you are and don’t run outside.

If there is an earthquake move away from windows, glass partitions, mirrors, bookcases, tall furniture, and light fixtures.

What is an earthquake?

An earthquake occurs when rocks break and slip along a fault in the earth. Energy is released during an earthquake in several forms, including as movement along the fault, as heat, and as seismic waves that radiate out from the “source” in all directions and cause the ground to shake, sometimes hundreds of kilometers away.

What is the danger from an earthquake?

Most earthquake damage is caused by ground shaking. Falling objects pose the greatest danger during a major earthquake. In Canada, no house has ever collapsed during an earthquake. However, many types of objects may fall and cause damage or injuries. Of prime concern, therefore, is protection from falling objects such as framed pictures, light fixtures, plaster from ceilings or the upper part of walls, or chimneys which may fall outside or through the roof into the house. Similarly utilities such as water, electricity, gas supply and roads may be damaged due to an earthquake.

How do I protect myself during an earthquake?

Wherever you are when the earthquake starts, take cover immediately and stay there until the shaking stops.

If I am indoors during an earthquake?

If I am outdoors during an earthquake?

If I am in a vehicle during an earthquake?

If I am in a crowded place during an earthquake?

This item was last modified on April 27, 2016