Medical Officer of Health and CEO recruitment efforts to begin for Sudbury and Manitoulin districts

On Thursday, August 24, 2023, the Board of Health for Public Health Sudbury & Districts established an MOH and CEO recruitment and selection sub-committee to begin efforts to recruit and recommend a candidate to succeed Dr. Penny Sutcliffe in the role Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer for Public Health Sudbury & Districts.

Board of Health Chair, René Lapierre, stated that, “Dr. Penny Sutcliffe will continue to lead the agency and ensure Public Health meets the needs of our communities as the Board undertakes its recruitment for her successor and as she prepares for her long-planned sabbatical and future retirement. Dr. Sutcliffe has been our passionate and exemplary leader for over 23 years and has been unwavering in her commitment to public health and health equity, both locally and in her many contributions to Ontario’s public health system,” said Lapierre.

The Board of Health has a legal duty under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to appoint a full-time medical officer of health and to ensure the provision of public health programs and services as required by the Act. “Our recruitment efforts to attract a permanent full-time MOH and CEO demonstrate our ongoing commitment to stable and strong leadership, and to our responsibility to ensure continued responsiveness and excellence in our public health programs and services. Throughout Dr. Sutcliffe’s 23-plus years of service, we have benefited from her expertise and ability to connect with the community, and having a candidate who can build on this legacy is our goal,” said Lapierre.

The recruitment and selection committee, comprised of the Board Chair and Vice-Chair and two members of the Board of Health’s Executive Committee, will undertake efforts to recruit and recommend a candidate for the position of Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer. Active recruitment efforts will begin in the coming weeks to attract a candidate to contribute to Public Health’s history of being a strong, leaderful, and collaborative organization.

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This item was last modified on November 29, 2023