School Immunization Coverage

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is required under the Ontario government’s Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) to collect and maintain up-to-date immunization records for every student registered in school in our jurisdiction. High immunization rates in schools help to keep students safe by preventing outbreaks. Learn more about immunization records and reporting and vaccines.

2018 to 2019 school year

Immunization coverage rates by school

The table below shows the coverage rates for 2018 to 2019 for the following vaccines:

School nameEnrolled populationDiphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio

Coverage rate (%)
Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio

Exemption rate (%)
Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

Coverage rate (%)
Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

Exemption rate (%)
A B Ellis 19893.94.595.54.5
Adamsdale Public School 11392.05.394.75.3
Alexander Public School 20095.
Algonquin Road Public School 20493.13.996.13.9
Assiginack Public School 9996.
Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic Secondary School 27590.22.597.12.5
C R Judd Public School 10395.13.996.13.9
Carl A Nesbitt Public School 21395.32.397.72.3
Central Manitoulin Public School 14495.
Chapleau High School 4687.00.0100.00.0
Chapleau Public School 7898.
Charles C Mclean Public School 10293.14.992.24.9
Chelmsford Public School 15593.56.593.56.5
Chelmsford Valley District Composite School 17288.41.798.31.7
Chelmsford Valley District School 5991.53.496.63.4
Churchill Public School 32695.11.898.21.8
Collège Notre-Dame 53289.11.597.61.5
Confederation Elementary 5498.
Confederation Secondary School 41285.
Copper Cliff Public School 13096.91.599.20.8
Cyril Varney Public School 17797.22.397.22.3
École Alliance St-Joseph 26794.03.796.33.7
École Catholique Notre-Dame (Foleyet) 12100.00.0100.00.0
École Catholique Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire (Gogama) 1181.818.281.818.2
École Élémentaire Catholique Jean-Paul II 27994.32.597.12.5
École Élementaire Catholique Trillium 3096.
École Publique Camille-Perron 50100.00.0100.00.0
École Publique de la Découverte 21098.
École Publique de la Rivière-Des-Français 1485.70.0100.00.0
École Publique Foyer-Jeunesse 12099.20.899.20.8
École Publique Franco-Nord 4393.04.793.04.7
École Publique Hanmer 6195.10.0100.00.0
École Publique Hélène-Gravel 16695.24.895.24.8
École Publique Jean-Éthier-Blais 18996.
École Publique Jeanne Sauvé 3989.77.789.77.7
École Publique Macdonald-Cartier 16988.
École Publique Pavillon-De-L'avenir 10498.11.996.21.9
École Secondaire Catholique Champlain 18588.
École Secondaire Catholique Franco-Oue St. 4497.70.0100.00.0
École Secondaire Catholique L'horizon 40991.
École Secondaire Catholique Trillium 5176.50.0100.00.0
École Secondaire de la Rivière-Des-Français 4197.60.0100.00.0
École Secondaire du Sacré-Coeur 17591.41.798.31.7
École Secondaire Hanmer 8989.90.0100.00.0
École Secondaire Macdonald-Cartier 32084.13.895.93.4
École Séparée Félix-Ricard 21393.02.896.22.8
École Séparée Notre-Dame 15794.33.896.23.8
École Séparée Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci 7594.
École Séparée Sacré-Coeur 5596.43.696.43.6
École Séparée Saint-Antoine 6897.11.598.51.5
École Séparée Saint-Augustin 17996.60.699.40.6
École Séparée Saint-Charles-Borromée 2195.24.895.24.8
École Séparée Saint-Denis 27195.
École Séparée Saint-Dominique 7798.71.398.71.3
École Séparée Saint-Joseph (Hanmer)5798.21.898.21.8
École Séparée Saint-Joseph (Espanola)9097.80.0100.00.0
École Séparée Saint-Paul 10394.24.995.14.9
École Séparée Saint-Pierre 14190.83.596.53.5
École Séparée Saint-Thomas 1894.45.694.45.6
École Séparée Sainte-Marie 23698.71.398.71.3
École Séparée Sainte-Thérèse 9498.90.0100.00.0
École Séparée St-Étienne 8991.03.496.63.4
École Séparée St-Joseph (Sudbury)78100.
Ernie Checkeris Public School 5192.25.994.15.9
Espanola High School 34986.80.698.60.6
Holy Cross Catholic School24698.01.698.41.6
Holy Trinity Elementary 33598.
Immaculate Conception Catholic School 14395.
Jean Hanson Public School3889.55.392.15.3
Lansdowne Public School 13797.80.799.30.7
Larchwood Public School 5894.
Lasalle Secondary School 56585.72.597.22.3
Levack Public School 10293.13.996.13.9
Little Current Public School 21393.
Lively District Elementary School 12091.70.0100.00.0
Lively District Secondary School 25088.40.499.20.4
Lo-Ellen Park Elementary School 12193.41.798.31.7
Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School 75488.73.396.43.3
Lockerby Composite School 50087.82.696.02.6
Macleod Public School 44493.
Manitoulin Secondary School 37091.61.697.31.6
Markstay Public School 8690.79.390.79.3
Marymount Academy Catholic School 21387.82.396.22.3
Marymount Academy Elementary 12984.54.794.64.7
Monetville Public School 3479.417.682.417.6
Northeastern Elementary School 38394.33.796.33.7
Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic School 26100.00.0100.00.0
Pius XII Catholic School 13895.73.695.73.6
Princess Anne Public School 30695.81.397.41.3
Queen Elizabeth II Public School 11496.53.596.53.5
R L Beattie Public School 33295.
R. H. Murray Public School 6794.04.595.54.5
Redwood Acres Public School 18395.63.895.13.8
S Geiger Public School 8492.92.496.42.4
Sacred Heart Catholic School 16196.
St. Anne Separate School 29395.
St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School 40287.81.597.31.2
St. Charles Catholic School 26196.22.797.32.7
St. Charles College 74386.
St. David Catholic School 15495.
St. Francis Catholic School 17496.
St. James 20299.
St. John Catholic School 22394.
St. Mary Catholic School 11595.74.395.74.3
St. Paul The Apostle Catholic School 13198.51.598.51.5
St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School 17490.
St.Charles College Elementary 29289.72.497.32.4
Sudbury Secondary School 45884.32.696.52.6
Valley View Public School 40094.23.595.83.5
Walden Public School 28098.
Westmount Avenue Public School 2195.24.895.24.8
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