Annual Report 2014

Public Health: It’s in Your Interest

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Championing health for all in our communities

Dr. Penny Sutcliffe
Sudbury & District Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer

Public health professionals are passionate about protecting and promoting health and preventing disease. In 2014, Sudbury & District Health Unit employees demonstrated this passion across our district in a variety of ways throughout all of our 19 communities.

Through technology and social media, we can and do reach thousands of people with timely and valuable information about drinking water advisories, beach closures, outbreaks, vaccination clinics, healthy choices and so much more. The Health Unit works hard to improve opportunities for health for all of us. We do this in close partnership with many others including schools, businesses, community agencies, parents and municipalities.

Taken as a whole, this annual report to our communities and stakeholders speaks both to the SDHU’s programming excellence and to our commitment to accountability.

However, fundamentally, this report is about the people who deliver public health programs and services to our local communities. For our 254 employees and 80 volunteers, this is much more than a job. Whether it is responding to a measles case, following up on a train derailment, supporting a breastfeeding mom, speaking with the media or presenting at a municipal council meeting, employees of the Sudbury & District Health Unit are our communities’ front line in the struggle to create and maintain healthy opportunities for all.

This past year has again been a busy one and we are challenged every day to do more and to do better for our communities. The dedication and support of our staff and our board of directors allow us to meet these challenges successfully. I am very proud of the Sudbury & District Health Unit public health team—an exceptional group of people who are caring, committed, and passionate about championing health for all in our communities.

Striving to help each citizen

René Lapierre
Chair, Sudbury & District Board of Health

As the new Chairperson for the Sudbury & District Board of Health, I am very pleased to present the 2014 Annual Report.

This report provides a snapshot of some of the day-to-day activities and initiatives public health professionals provide while keeping the 19 communities within our service area healthy.

Our staff, with the very important support and funding from our provincial and municipal governments, strive to help each citizen reach their full opportunity for health through our programs and services that range from teaching about healthy lifestyles to advocating for healthy policy.

I would like to acknowledge the dedication and leadership of the past Board of Health members for the Sudbury & District Health Unit. It is an honour to serve our communities and a duty that Board members take very seriously. I would like to acknowledge Mr. Ron Dupuis in particular who served as a Board member and Chair for 14 years until the end of his term in 2014.

The Sudbury & District Board of Health members set a very high bar, dedicated to creating healthier communities for all. It is with great pleasure that I commend to you our 2014 Annual Report.

2014 Sudbury & District Board of Health

Ron Dupuis, Chair
Madeleine Dennis, Vice-Chair
Claude Belcourt
Claude Berthiaume
Janet Bradley
Evelyn Dutrisac
Brigita Gingras
Terry Kett
Ken Noland
Rita Pilon
Ursula Sauvé
Paul Schoppmann
Brenda Spencer

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