Manual: Board of Health for Public Health Sudbury & Districts

The purpose of the Board of Health Manual is to outline the governance practices of the Board of Health for Public Health Sudbury & Districts. The Manual contains the information, policies, and procedures that describe the key governance context and functions of the Board of Health. Links will open PDFs (file sizes are less than 250 KB).

Table of contents

Introduction (Category A)

Purpose of Manual

Maintenance of Manual

Policy Development

Vision, mission, plan (Category B)

Health Unit

Board of Health structure and function (Category C)

Board of Health

Board of Health committees


Ethical practice

Public health system (Category D)


Public health funding

Board of Health proceedings (Category E)

Board of Health meetings

Communication (Category F)

Community liaison


Annual reports


Board of Health by-laws (Category G)

Staff development (Category H)

Board of Health administration (Category I)


Board appointments


Hiring of professional staff


Performance management

Public health standards (Category J)

Program standards

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