Parenting classes

Access to services: COVID-19

If you are visiting our office locations for clinical services, you will need to wear a mask. Certain exceptions may apply (for example, based on age or medical circumstances). We encourage you to bring your own mask. If you don’t have a mask or forgot to bring yours, we will give you one for your appointment, supplies permitting.

This requirement provides additional protection as distancing is not always guaranteed. To learn more about our services and some of the changes in place due to COVID-19, please check our Public Health services page.

Triple P

When it comes to raising children, parenting can be very rewarding and at times, challenging.

Triple P was designed to help you in your parenting role by providing positive ideas and suggestions that best suit your needs. Whether you have a specific question, or are just looking for advice, Triple P offers as much or as little help as you wish.

Triple P aims to build strong, healthy relationships by supporting parents to:

From tip sheets, seminars, individual sessions, or group courses, Triple P is here to help.

For more information, contact us at 705.522.9200, ext. 342 or visit our website, For upcoming classes, visit our events page.

This item was last modified on August 29, 2023