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Status of testing and cases in Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ service area

These data are preliminary and subject to change, pending further review.

COVID-19 vaccine

For details on upcoming vaccination clinics, visit our vaccination clinics page.

Vaccinations in Sudbury and districts

These data are preliminary and subject to change, pending further review.

 April 9, 2021, at 4 p.m. / 9 avril 2021 à 16 h
40 711people received their first dose /
personnes ont reçu leur première dose
4 838people have been fully vaccinated /
personnes sont pleinement vaccinées
45 549total doses have been administered (includes first and second doses) /
doses ont été administrées, au total, incluant la première et la deuxième dose

The vaccines approved for use require 2 doses, administered a few weeks apart.

COVID-19 testing data

COVID-19 testing data is updated Monday to Friday, at 4 p.m., and is current as of two days prior. Monday’s report includes data from Saturday and Tuesday’s report includes data from Sunday.

April 9, 2021 /
9 avril 2021
Current /
Previous / PrécédemmentChange from previous report (numbers) /
Changement par rapport au rapport précédent (nombres)
Total tests performed | Nombre total de tests effectués221 869220 8401 029 (increase / augmentation)

Learn more about Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ role in COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 case data

COVID-19 case data are updated seven days a week at 4 p.m. A weekly update is available with additional information to complement the daily report. It will be updated every week on Thursday.

April 11, 2021, at 4 p.m. /
11 avril 2021 à 16 h
Current / ActuellementPrevious / Précédemment Change from previous report (numbers) / Changement par rapport au rapport précédent (nombres)
Cases1 | Cas 11 6991 68019 (increase / augmentation)
Active cases | Nombre de cas actifs2382446 (decrease / diminution)
Resolved cases2 | Cas réglés21 4611 43625 (increase / augmentation)
Deceased | Décès 23230
Cases screened positive for variants of concern | Nombre de cas d’infection à un variant préoccupant 4994954 (increase / augmentation)
Cases with variants of concern identified | Nombre de cas ayant des variants préoccupants identifiés 550
Area | Secteur
Greater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury1 600 total

221 active / actifs
1 379 resolved / réglés
1 58218 (increase / augmentation)
Sudbury District | District de Sudbury63 total

14 active / actifs
49 resolved / réglés
621 (increase / augmentation)
Manitoulin District | District de Manitoulin36 total

3 active / actifs
33 resolved / réglés
Probable exposure status of cases | Catégorie d’exposition probable
Outbreak-associated | Lien avec une éclosion44643313 (increase / augmentation)
Close contact of a confirmed case | Personne ayant eu des contacts étroits avec un cas confirmé93290923 (increase / augmentation)
Travel-related | Liée à un voyage59590
No known epidemiological link (unknown exposure) | Aucun lien épidémiologique connu (à catégorie d’exposition inconnue)2482480
Under investigation | Sous enquête143117 (decrease / diminution)
Sex3 | Sexe 3
Male | Masculin6426357 (increase / augmentation)
Female | Féminin6726675 (increase / augmentation)
Not specified | Non spécifié3853787 (increase / augmentation)
Age groups3 | Groupes d’âge3
19 and under | 19 ans ou moins3813747 (increase / augmentation)
20-39 | De 20 à 39 ans5615601 (increase / augmentation)
40-59 | De 40 à 59 ans4374316 (increase / augmentation)
60-79 | De 60 à 79 ans2362324 (increase / augmentation)
80 and over | 80 ans ou plus84831 (increase / augmentation)
Not specified | Non spécifié000

1(New, November 24, 2020) Case counts include laboratory confirmed cases as well as probable cases as defined by the Ontario Ministry of Health (probable case definition [PDF]), except for individuals who have a preliminary positive result—these are individuals who have a positive result from a point-of-care test and for whom laboratory confirmation is required. The case count also includes those who have resolved in accordance with current public health criteria.
2Patient tested positive but is resolved according to current public health criteria. This number includes persons who are deceased.
3Data on sex and age groups are listed as unspecified until there are sufficient numbers to allow them to be assigned to the appropriate categories. This ensures that individual cases cannot be identified. Sex is not specified for cases aged 19 years and under.

Outbreaks of COVID-19 and potential exposure risks

This section is updated when information is available. Public Health reports all outbreaks when there are no personal privacy concerns related to the situation. We also report possible exposures for which Public Health is unable to contact everyone directly to advise them of their potential exposure to COVID-19.

COVID-19 outbreaks

Information in this section will be removed one week after an outbreak is declared over.

Updated April 11, 2021, 12:30 p.m. / Mises à jour : 11 avril 2021 à 12 h 30
Setting | LieuFacility name | Nom d’établissementStatus | ÉtatArea | SecteurDate declared (yyyy/mm/dd) | Date déclarée (ans/mois/jour)Date declared over
(yyyy/mm/dd) | Date déclarée terminée (ans/mois/jour)
Workplace | Milieu de travailGlencore Fraser MineActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/10
Workplace | Milieu de travailEnd of the Roll, Home & Haven Design Studio Inc., SudburyActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/10
Community | CommunautéCentre Pivot du Triangle Magique, Azilda SiteActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/07
Long-term care home | Foyer de soins de longue duréeSt. Joseph’s Villa | Villa St-JosephActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/05
Community | CommunautéTrillium College Sudbury Campus (one class)Active | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/04
Community | CommunautéPrivate outdoor gathering | Rassemblement extérieur privéActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/03
Hospital | HôpitalHealth Sciences North, sixth floor, North Tower | Horizon Santé-Nord, sixième étage, dans la tour nordActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/03
Congregate living | Lieu d’hébergement en communSudbury Developmental Services Holland Road Site | site rue HollandActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/01
Community | CommunautéJubilee Heritage Daycare, Applegrove siteActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/04/01
Workplace | Milieu de travailMaslack Supply, Falconbridge LocationActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/30
Workplace | Milieu de travailJanix CorporationOver | TerminéeGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/302021/04/07
Workplace | Milieu de travailIvan's Kitchen CabinetsOver | TerminéeGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/282021/04/09
Workplace | Milieu de travailVale Limited Coleman Mine, Creighton Mine, Contractor administration building and underground mine site, Garson MineActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/26
Workplace | Milieu de travailTelstar Hydraulics LtdOver | TerminéeGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/252021/04/07
Private residence | Résidence privé323 Second Avenue N Apartment BuildingOver | TerminéeGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/202021/04/09
Hospital | HôpitalHealth Sciences North, seventh floor (7B), North Tower | Horizon Santé-Nord, septième étage (7B), dans la tour nordOver | TerminéeGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/162021/04/07
Congregate living | (Lieu d’hébergement en commun
Christian HorizonsActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/15
Long-term care home | Foyer de soins de longue duréeSt. Gabriel Villa | Villa St-GabrielActive | ActifGreater Sudbury | Grand Sudbury2021/03/12

Potential exposure risks

Public Health Sudbury & Districts will list locations open to the public where a positive case of COVID-19 worked or visited or attended during their infectious period when:

Locations will be removed from the list 21 days following exposure.

Locations with current potential exposure risks
Samaritan Centre Resource Program, 344 Elgin Street, and the Homelessness Network Day Centre, 199 Larch Street

Public Health is also advising of an additional potential of high-risk exposure to COVID-19 for anyone who attended the Samaritan Centre Resource Program (344 Elgin Street), the YMCA (140 Durham Street), and the Homelessness Network Day Centre (199 Larch Street), on March 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27.

Actions to take:

Anyone who attended these facilities should:

Salvation Army Cedar Place shelter (261 Cedar Street) and the YMCA Warming Centre (140 Durham Street)

Public Health is advising the public of a potential high-risk of exposure to COVID-19 for anyone who attended these facilities on the following dates:

Public Health is working with the service operators to determine if individuals can be contacted directly. However, Public Health might not have information to contact everyone who may have been exposed.

Actions to take:

Anyone who attended these facilities should:

Detailed epidemiology summary

The detailed epidemiology summary is produced on Mondays and Thursdays.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ detailed epidemiology summary (PDF, 1 MB) provides data on COVID-19 activity in our service area. It includes information about cases over time, case characteristics, probable exposures, case outcomes, testing, and outbreaks in facilities. The summary also provides additional context by comparing our data to other regions in Ontario.

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