Physical Activity

Being active is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

There are many ways to make active living part of your everyday routine. If you have not been active lately, start slowly. Find activities you enjoy and increase your activity level gradually.

Ages and stages

Being physically active is beneficial for all ages and stages. Learn how much physical activity is needed for individuals throughout the lifespan, during:

Being active

Get the health benefits of being active outdoors by walking, cycling, and moving in ways you enjoy. There are also programs in Greater Sudbury and the districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin that offer financial support for participation in sport and recreation programs.

Learn about opportunities to be active in your community. Know what is available to you locally through your newspaper, library, municipal website, school and community groups, older adult centres, and health centres.


Learn more about walking, including tips on getting started and staying active through indoor and outdoor walking.


Cycling is a great form of physical activity. Find out more about cycling basics, including getting started, learning to cycle, where to cycle in your community, and using cycling as a mode of active transportation.

Physical literacy

Learning skills in movement and sport in a supportive environment will help to increase your ability, confidence, and motivation to be active, try new activities, and have fun. Learn more about the importance of physical literacy.

Outdoor play

Being active outdoors and in nature is essential to healthy childhood growth and development. Learn more about the importance of outdoor play.

Sit less (sedentary behaviours)

For healthy growth and development, Canadian guidelines recommend that children and youth minimize the time they spend in activities that require very little movement (sedentary behaviours). Find out more about sedentary behaviours.

Screen time

Screen time” is the time spent using a device that has a screen, such as a smartphone or television. Too much screen time can keep kids from important childhood activities such as playing, learning to talk, reading, being active and spending time with friends and family. Find out more about screen time for children and youth.

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