Whether for leisure or daily commuting, cycling is an excellent option for getting around the community and supporting active living.

Cycling offers many health benefits:

Before you begin:

A bicycle is considered a vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act (e-Laws Ontario), so it is important that cyclists follow all the traffic laws signs and signals. Cyclists have the same responsibilities on public roads as motorists. It is important to review cycling safety before you begin to cycle.

Finding the right bicycle

It is important to find a bicycle of the proper size because it will be easier to handle and will provide more comfort.

CAN-BIKE courses

Before heading for the streets on your bicycle, it is important to learn how to ride your bicycle. Can Bike courses (City of Greater Sudbury) teach individuals how to ride a bicycle. The training helps cyclists feel more comfortable and confident when riding their bicycles. These sessions are offered to all ages.

Learn more about Can Bike at Can Bike Canada and Bike Sudbury.

Where to cycle

Cycling is a great alternative to motorized transportation to get to places that you want to go to. Depending on your skill level, there are many types of routes in our community for you to choose from. According to the Highway Traffic Act, all bicycles must operate on a roadway; however, local trails (Rainbow Routes Association) also provide opportunities to connect you to places in a safe manner.

Another option to make it easier to commute is to use the Greater Sudbury transit rack and roll program (City of Greater Sudbury). This program allows you to take your bicycle on public transit.

Active transportation

Active transportation (Public Health Agency of Canada) is defined as a human powered way of transportation such as walking, cycling and skateboarding. It is important to reduce the dependency on motorized vehicle use and make smart choices about transportation. We all have a part to play to live longer healthier lives. Walking and cycling are key contributors to improve health through increased physical activity.

The benefits of active transportation:

Tips to begin:


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