Reporting your COVID-19 vaccination(s) in the provincial database (COVaxON)

If your COVID-19 vaccination records are not in the provincial online database, we encourage you to submit your proof of vaccinations to help public health agencies monitor vaccine coverage. If you were vaccinated in Ontario, your records are likely already in the database. You can verify and access your records online through the provincial system (COVaxON). For example, your records are in the system if you were vaccinated at a pharmacy, a public health clinic, or by a health care provider in Ontario.

If you have received COVID-19 vaccination outside of Ontario or Canada  you will need to submit your proof of vaccination to have your COVID-19 immunization record documented in the provincial system (COVaxON) to obtain the enhanced vaccination certificate with QR code.

Proof of vaccination

Once your vaccination records (for example, immunization record or proof of vaccination certificate (PVC)) are added to the provincial online database, you will be able to access a digital enhanced vaccination record with a QR code.

Please read this information before completing the form.

Is your record already in COVaxON?

What you will need to report your vaccinations

To report your vaccinations, you will need proof, such as the paper or electronic vaccination receipt you received when getting your vaccine(s). If you do not have proof of your vaccination, please contact the health care provider or health agency who gave you your COVID-19 vaccine(s) to get a copy of your record.

Note: If you do not have your proof of vaccination or cannot access it on your own, or you do not want to submit your vaccination record using the form below, please call Public Health at 705.522.9200 (toll-free 1.866.522.9200), ext. 748.

Personal health information

For information about how Public Health collects and uses the information you submit using this form, please read the section below the form titled Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information for Data Collection.

Please note: the information you submit using this form is not secure.

This item was last modified on February 15, 2022