Luna – Music: Exotic Chinese Massage

Start by finding a comfortable upright sitting position or simply lying down on your back to allow proper breathing.

Close your eyes, and relax every muscle in your body.

Take a deep breath; inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Imagine you’re lying in a field of luscious green grass.

As you listen to the symphony of the night, you hear the crickets rhythmic chirp and the frogs croak.

You feel the soft breeze ruffling through the grass. As you breathe in, you smell the aroma of the sweet spring flowers.

You watch as the fireflies dance before your eyes. They shimmer with the stars complementing the glow of the moon.

A smile comes across your face, as you look up to the moon, the man on the moon smiles back.

That wise little fellow sent down a note. You see it glide down gentle spirals landing softly in your outstretched palms.

Before it’s taken away in the breeze, you unfold the secret that lies within. Read this personal message and put it in your pocket.

Know that these positive words are always there for you in time of need or of stress.

Feel the warmth of the sun wash over you, as you breathe in the dawn of a new day.

Let the energy of the sun rejuvenate your mind, body, heart and soul. Bring all that energy with you, as you slowly open your eyes.

This item was last modified on August 17, 2018