Energy and Warmth – Music: Sit Back and Relax

Find a comfortable position. Find a space where you can relax.
Concentrate on your breathing. Fill your lungs as much as possible.
Inhale… Exhale.
Be conscious of your body. Where is the tension? Find it. Whether it be In your eyes, in your fingers, in your feet, your toes. Release this tension. Let your head and shoulders fall. Let your body go loose.
Keep your eyes closed and become aware of your senses. What do you see, you hear, you feel, you taste, you touch?
Take control of your body and your senses.
Keep breathing.
Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Imagine you’re on a beach, the smooth wind, the hot sun on your face, on your whole body. You feel the heat, the warmth. You see the water and feel the cool sensation on your feet. It tickles , but after a bit, it goes up to your knees. It feels good. You hear a boat in the distance. You hear the horn of the boat. You see a bright ball of light. It’s about the size of your hand. You grab it. It’s not soft and it’s not hard. It doesn’t have a texture. It is a ball of energy, full of warmth. It goes in your hand. Your hand suddenly becomes warm. Feel your wrist, your elbow getting warmer as the ball of light goes from your hand to your shoulder. Feel it go to your neck. Your neck becomes hotter. The ball of light goes to your chest. It’s slowly leaving your body. You feel the warmth leave slowly, but you’re still a bit warm. You see the sun. Your eyes don’t hurt. You can see the sun. What is it like? You’re slowly leaving the beach, and slowly, you’re getting to your body. Be aware of your senses, aware of your surroundings.
When you return to a state of relaxation, become aware of your body and its tensions. Release this tension as much as possible. On the count of 3, you will open your eyes. 3…..2…..1 Open your eyes.

This item was last modified on August 17, 2018