Breath – Music: Watercolour Serenity

Lie down on your back. Make yourself comfortable to allow relaxation.
Close your eyes. Take nice deep breaths.
Let go of all your thoughts. Forget all your stress, all your worries. Release all of the negative energy.
Breathe in clarity and inner peace.
Place both hands on your chest. Be aware of each hand… feel them rise and fall with each breath.
Imagine that you can feel your breath. The air coming through your nostrils fills your lungs with sweet oxygen.
Hold that oxygen. Give it time to distribute to your cells.
Exhale. Release the air, and as you do, imagine that you are letting out all of your stress and tension.
Keep breathing. Imagine the route each breath must take to reach your lungs.
Allow your body to continue the process.
Breathe more deeply.
Breathe more slowly.
Breathe with your stomach.
Now breathe with your chest.
Lift your hands above your head.
Inhale………… exhale
Start to move slowly.
Now……… you can slowly get up.

This item was last modified on August 17, 2018