Release – Music: If Tomorrow Comes

Start by lying comfortably on the floor. Let the shape of your body mold into the floor. Now, slowly close your eyes and try to empty your mind of all thoughts. Forget about of your present worries, regrets, and troubles.

Concentrate on the sound of your breathing. Imagine that your chest is a balloon. When you inhale, feel the balloon inflate. When you exhale, feel the air escape from the balloon. Remember to keep your breathing slow and steady.

Now, bring your awareness to your feet. Curl your toes, and try to bring all of the tension to this one area. Hold for a few seconds…. and relax.

Next, centre your attention to your legs. Point your toes, and feel as your muscles tighten and squeeze, pull and stretch. Hold this position for a few seconds…. then relax. Take the time to appreciate the warm looseness as the tension exits your body.

Now, tighten the muscles in your stomach. Feel the pull and stretch of your muscles. Try to focus all of your stress and hurts to this area. Isolate it…. now relax, and feel the tension leave your body.

Focus your attention to your shoulders. Lift your shoulders to your ears. Feel the tension tighten your muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds…. and relax.

Bring your awareness to your hands. Now, clench your hands into tight fists. Keep them clenched for a moment…. and then relax. Let the tension leave your body, and take a second to appreciate the looseness of relaxation.

Concentrate on your face. Squeeze your eyes shut, scrunch up your nose, and purse your lips. Imagine that you just ate a lemon and it is really sour. Now, relax, and feel the tension leave your body.

As you release the tension from your body one last time, notice how loose your body feels. Feel the warmth that spreads through your limbs. Appreciate the feeling of relaxation.

Now, slowly redirect your attention back to your breathing. Wiggle your toes, your fingers… and when you’re ready open your eyes.

This item was last modified on August 17, 2018