Fly – Music: Sounds of Soul

Get in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, empty your mind, and just listen to the sound of my voice.
Breathe easily, slowly.
Inhale… exhale. Inhale… exhale. Inhale… exhale
Let your body relax.
Imagine you are outside, in a place of beauty, during a clear, bright day.
The sky is blue, the heat of the sun is hot against your skin. You are relaxed and content.
Above you, you see an eagle, flying in the blue sky. It’s close to you. Close enough to make out every feather, every detail from the body to the tip of the wings. Look at the pattern of its feathers.
The eagle hovers over your head. Its big wings stretch out in the sky, creating a dark shadow in the bright blue sky.
Every now and then, the eagle bats its wings. The movement is slow. You can hear the resistance of the wind with each stroke of the bird’s wings.
Now, imagine that you are the eagle. Feel the wings move as if they were your wings. Your wings are going up and down, calmly, and quietly.
You can feel yourself fly, your wings stretched out on either side of you.
You can feel the air beneath your wings.
Take the time to appreciate the feeling of liberty, the sense of gliding on the wind, the feeling of floating across the sky.
You are free. You are relaxed. Inhale the pure, fresh air. Take nice deep breaths.
Inhale… exhale. Inhale… exhale. Inhale… exhale
Enjoy this moment.
When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.

This item was last modified on August 17, 2018