COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 resources for individuals

Posters and handouts

The following factsheet and posters can be used to remind individuals about the importance of wearing a mask and the reasons why someone may wear a mask.

COVID-19 information sheets (multiple languages)

COVID-19 resources for businesses and community

Environmental cleaning

Entrance signage for businesses

Face covering signage for businesses


School resources

Posters and handouts

The following posters can be used by schools to remind students about the importance of physical distancing, how to wear a mask and washing their hands.

COVID-safe tips while at school and child care

Absence alert!

COVID-19 checklist for school physical activities

Feeling sick?

Get the COVID-19 vaccine

Stop if you’re sick

Wash your hands


Watch this animated video for information about symptoms and tips on COVID-19 screening that will help you decide if you should go to school or not.

For more information on school self-screening and illness visit the schools and covid-19 page.

Travellers information sheets

COVID-19 mental health resources for the community

General population

Children and youth

Indigenous Peoples

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