COVID-19 resources

Ministry of Health COVID-19 online self-assessment

How to prevent the spread of illness


COVID-19 resources and instructions for individuals

How to care for someone who has, or who may have, COVID-19 (instructions)

How to self-isolate (instructions)

How to self-monitor for symptoms (instructions)

How to care for pets and other animals (instructions)

COVID-19 information sheets (multiple languages)

Explaining COVID-19 to children

Contact log

COVID-19 resources for businesses and community

Environmental cleaning

Entrance signage for businesses

Face covering signage for businesses

Self-isolation signage for businesses

Self-isolation signage for apartments

Physical distancing

Physical distancing in elevators

Physical distancing in the workplace – Guidance for working in small workspaces


Community gardens

School resources

Posters and handouts

The following posters can be used by schools to remind students about the importance of physical distancing, how to wear a mask and washing their hands.

COVID-19 checklist for school physical activities

Feeling sick?

Get the COVID-19 vaccine

Keep a safe distance

Stop if you’re sick

Top 10 COVID-19 Basic Rules for Safe Schools

Wash your hands

Wear a mask (for entrance)

Wear your mask safely

Wear your mask safely (with procedure)


Watch this animated video for information about symptoms and tips on COVID-19 screening that will help you decide if you should go to school or not.

For more information on school self-screening and illness visit the schools and covid-19 page.


Travellers information sheets

COVID-19 mental health resources for the community

General population

Children and youth

Health care workers

Indigenous Peoples

Public health and COVID-19

Preparing for COVID-19 Community Spread – Response Planning Session (March 9, 2020)

Organized by Public Health Sudbury & Districts and hosted by the City of Greater Sudbury, the workshop was designed to move participants beyond their comfort zones to consider difficult, yet realistic scenarios related to COVID-19 spread. In meeting together, participants critically assessed their readiness and their response plans.

Planning Session Materials

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