Class 2 sewage systems: leaching pits specifications

What are Class 2 leaching pits under the Ontario Building Code?

A prescribed standard for the operation of a Class 2 sewage system is that it shall be used only for the treatment and disposal of grey-water.

A Class 2 sewage system shall not be constructed where the daily design grey-water flow to the system exceeds 1,000 litres a day as calculated by 200 litres per fixture unit where there is a supply of pressurized water or 125 litres per fixture unit where there is no supply of pressurized water.

Building a Class 2 leaching pit requires a building permit from Public Health Sudbury & Districts. If you wish to build a leaching pit you must apply (fillable application form PDF <1MB, printable application form PDF < 1 MB) to Public Health Sudbury & Districts and pay the applicable fees.

Ontario Building Code

The following are prescribed as standards for the construction of a Class 2 sewage system:

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