Sewage systems: the inspection process

Please note that the following information pertains to new sewage system installations only.

Other information on renovations, additional planning services and applying for a renovation permit require separate reviews and separate inspections.

The inspection process

1. Preliminary site inspection (pre-permit approval)

A preliminary site inspection is performed by a public health inspector following receipt and review of a completed sewage system application. Prior to the inspector arriving on-site, the applicant of the proposed sewage system is to stake out the location of the proposed sewage system and ensure that test holes are present in the location of the proposed sewage system. The public health inspector will verify that the sewage system design included in the application is accurate to on-site conditions and that the property is capable of supporting the construction of an on-site sewage system in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.

2. Substantial inspection (post-permit approval)

A substantial inspection is required once the sewage system has been installed and prior to the back-filling of the components. Prior to scheduling an inspection, the applicant must ensure the following :

3. Final grading inspection (post-permit approval)

The final grading inspection occurs when construction of the sewage system is complete. This inspection will be requested by the owner/installer once the grading is complete, the mantle has been covered with topsoil and the growth of shallow rooted vegetation covers a minimum 60% of the sewage system.

A notice of completion will be issued once all 3 inspections are complete. This indicates the system has been fully inspected and is ready for use.

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This item was last modified on August 30, 2023