……Population by census subdivisions, 2011 to 2016

Table 2.7: Land Area, population and population percentage (%) change by census subdivision, 2011 to 2016

Note: CD=Census Division, CV=City, M/MU=Municipality, NO=Unorganized, IRI=First Nation Reserves, T=Town, TP=Township

Source: 2011 and 2016 Censuses, Statistics Canada

Geographic Area, Census Subdivision TypeLand Area
(km 2)
Population, 2011Population, 2016Population % Change, 2011 to 2016
Sudbury & Districts Overall46,551.0194,620196,4480.9%
Manitoulin District, CD3107.213,04813,2551.6%
Assiginack, TP226.79601,0135.5%
Billings, TP209.650660319.2%
Burpee and Mills, TP218.530834311.4%
Central Manitoulin, MU431.11,9582,0846.4%
Gordon/Barrie Island, TP267.8526490-6.8%
Gore Bay, T5.28508672.0%
M’Chigeeng 22 (West Bay 22), IRI33.3897884-1.4%
Manitoulin, Unorganized, West Part, NO407.71601695.6%
Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, MU496.12,7062,7120.2%
Sheguiandah 24, IRI20.8154134-13.0%
Sheshegwaning 20, IRI20.311813716.1%
Sucker Creek 23, IRI6.53653721.9%
Tehkummah, TP132.74064367.4%
Whitefish River (Part) 4, R40.5487456-6.4%
Wikwemikong Unceded, R4142,5922,500-3.5%
Zhiibaahaasing 19A (Cockburn Island 19A), IRI5.455550.0%
Sudbury District, CD40,204.821,19621,5461.7%
Baldwin, TP83.255162012.5%
Chapleau, TP14.22,1161,964-7.2%
Chapleau 74A, IRI7.83121-32.3%
Chapleau 75, IRI1.2790-100.0%
Duck Lake 76B, IRI1.984851.2%
Espanola, T82.85,3644,996-6.9%
French River, M735.52,4422,6629.0%
Killarney, MU1,653.3505386-23.6%
Markstay-Warren, MU512.82,2972,65615.6%
Mattagami 71, IRI46.0193190-1.6%
Nairn and Hyman, TP160.8477342-28.3%
Sables-Spanish Rivers, TP815.23,0753,2144.5%
St. Charles, MU321.81,2821,269-1.0%
Sudbury, Unorganized, North Part, NO35,595.62,3062,75519.5%
Whitefish Lake 6, IRI172.7394386-2.0%
Greater Sudbury, CD3,239.0160,376161,6470.8%
Greater Sudbury, CV3,228.4160,274161,5310.8%
Wahnapitae 11, IRI10.710211613.7%


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