2021 Population Public Health Sudbury & Districts

The table below reflects information from the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada to provide a snapshot of Canada’s population. The census is conducted every five years in Canada.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts service area consists of three Census Divisions: Greater Sudbury, Manitoulin District, and Sudbury District.

Land area and population for 2016 and 2021 by Census Subdivisions within each of the three Census Divisions in the Public Health Sudbury & Districts service area are presented below.

Table 1: Land Area, population and population percentage (%) change by census subdivision, 2016 to 2021

Note: CD=Census Division, CV=City, M/MU=Municipality, NO=Unorganized, IRI=First Nation Reserves, T=Town, TP=Township
Geographic Area, Census Subdivision Type Land Area (sq. km) Population, 2016 Population, 2021Population % Change, 2016 to 2021
Sudbury & Districts Overall 46,167.2 196,448 202,431 3.1%
Manitoulin District, CD 3,073.5 13,25513,9355.1%
Assiginack, TP224.91,0131,008-0.5%
Billings, TP208.860375324.9%
Burpee and Mills, TP217.334338211.4%
Central Manitoulin, MU427.6208422357.2%
Gordon/Barrie Island, TP263.4 49061325.1%
Gore Bay, T5.1867808-6.8%
M'Chigeeng 22 (West Bay 22), IRI33.08849264.8%
Manitoulin, Unorganized, West Part, NO402.316921929.6%
Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands489.227122614-2.6%
Sheguiandah 24, IRI20.713415817.9%
Sheshegwaning 20, IRI20.1137127-7.3%
Sucker Creek 23, IRI6.53723730.3%
Tekummah, TP131.74364503.2%
Whitefish River 4, R39.74564570.2%
Wikwemikong Unceded, R409.02,5002,7289.1%
Zhiibaashaasing 19A, IRI5.35541-25.5%
Sudbury District, CD 39,896.8 21,546 22,368 3.8%>
Baldwin, TP*82.5695579-4.3%
Chapleau, TP13.21,9641,942-1.1%
Chapleau 74A, IRI7.62117-19.0%
Chapleau 75, IRI1.200NA
Duck Lake 76B, IRI1.98515481.2%
Espanola, T*81.05,0485,1852.7%
French River / Rivière des Français, M 717.92,6622,8286.2%
Killarney, MU1,469.43863972.8%
Markstay-Warren, MY505.92,6562,7082.0%
Mattagami 71, IRI46.419021010.5%
Nairn and Hyman, TP159.23423739.1%
Sables-Spanish Rivers, TP*801.03,1883,2371.5%
St. Charles, MU314.51,2691,3576.9%
Sudbury, Unorganized, North Part, NO*35,377.22,6972,9027.6%
Whitefish Lake 6, IRI170.23864126.7%
Greater Sudbury, CD 3,196.9 161,647 166,128 2.8%
Greater Sudbury, CV3,186.3161,531166,0042.7%
Wahnapitae 11, IRI10.61161246.9%

*2016 count revised in Census profile.

Source: Statistics Canada. 2022. Census Profile. 2021 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue number 98-316-X2021001. Ottawa. Released February 9, 2022. Updated August 17, 2022. https://www12.statcan.gc.ca/census-recensement/2021/dp-pd/prof/index.cfm?Lang=E (accessed August 18, 2022).

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