Modernization of the Smoke-free Ontario Strategy 2018 (Motion #20-18)

Moved by Crispo – Myre. Approved by the Board of Health for Public Health Sudbury & Districts, May 17, 2018.

WHEREAS smoking remains the single greatest cause of preventable disease and premature death in the province and currently kills about 13,000 16,000 Ontarians each year; and

WHEREAS on May 3, 2018 the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care released the modernized Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy, Smoke-Free Ontario the Next Chapter-2018 for a Healthier Ontario, a plan of action to further reduce the burden of tobacco and vapour products and reduce the smoking prevalence rate to 10 per cent by 2023; and

WHEREAS the modernized Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy builds on many of the existing programs, services and policies and continues to leverage efforts across the three strategic priorities of tobacco control (cessation, prevention, and protection); and,

WHEREAS Public Health Sudbury & Districts Board of Health has a longstanding history of proactive and effective action to prevent tobacco use and promote tobacco use cessation (e.g. resolutions #47-17, #03-17, #21-16, #55-15, #62-14, #57-14, #23-14, #32-05, #44-04, #25-03, #93A-98);

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Public Health Sudbury & Districts Board of Health congratulate the Provincial government on the modernization of the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy in the “Smoke-Free Ontario the Next Chapter-2018 for a Healthier Ontario”; and

FURTHER THAT the Board advocate that appropriate resources for timely implementation be dedicated by the provincial government as soon as possible; and

FURTHER that the Board share this motion with the Association of Local Public Health Agencies, boards of health, the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Assistant Deputy Minister, and local municipalities.




This item was last modified on May 31, 2018