Mental health (COVID-19)

Be mindful of your mental health and the mental health of others

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways. You may now be working from home, taking on a new role, or you may be off work for an indefinite amount of time. These, in addition to your other responsibilities, may be causing stress, anxiety, confusion and worry. It is normal to feel this way. The following are tips to support your mental health and the mental health of others during these uncertain times.

Keep yourself informed

Keep yourself informed by seeking information and practical guidelines at specific times of the day from reputable and trusted sources like Public Health Sudbury & Districts, government organizations, and the World Health Organization.

Stay connected

Stay connected while physical distancing and if self- isolating. Maintain your social networks and find new and innovative ways to connect with your family and friends. Call your family and friends, incorporate a game into your video chat, watch a movie together virtually, keep your family updated through email and regular mail.

Have or develop a healthy routine

Make time for things you enjoy

Support others

Support others. If able, providing support for others can have positive effects on your mental health. This could include picking up groceries for a friend or family member, checking in on your older neighbours or family, volunteering or donating to a local charity.

If you are noticing that your symptoms of anxiety are interfering with your day to day activities, there are formal support available to you. Please see our list of mental health resources.

This item was last modified on June 2, 2021