2023–2024 Universal Influenza Immunization Program application process

Advisory Alert

May 11, 2023

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To: Local Health System Partners


Applications to participate in the Universal Influenza Immunization Program are now being accepted

Please be advised that the application process for pharmacies and other organizations interested in participating in the 2023–2024 Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP) is open from May 9 until June 30, 2023.

Each year, the UIIP offers influenza vaccine free of charge to all individuals 6 months of age and older who live, work, or go to school in Ontario.

Vaccination against influenza will be critical this fall given the potential for increased respiratory virus activity. Preventing influenza is important to protect the health of individuals, families, and communities, as well as to mitigate the impacts on the health care system.

Organizations interested in becoming a vaccine provider for the UIIP must complete an annual application process for approval to store, handle, and administer publicly funded influenza vaccine unless they are in receipt of other publicly funded vaccines (excluding COVID-19 vaccine).

The UIIP prequalification form and user agreement application materials are posted on the Ministry of Health website at:

Please refer to the website for detailed instructions on the submission process and answers to questions you may have about the application process or the UIIP program and its timelines.

For questions regarding the 2023–2024 UIIP, please email the Ministry at UIIP.MOH@ontario.ca


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Stacey Gilbeau

Program Director, Sexual Health, Vaccine Preventable Diseases and COVID-19 Vaccination


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