COVID-19 vaccine updates: Allergy Information for Clinicians and Documentation of Verbal Attestation for Clinic Use

Advisory Alert

February 18, 2021

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The purpose of this advisory alert is two-fold. First, it notifies that allergy advice regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is now available on the Ontario eConsult service. Second, it informs of a documentation tool to be used at COVID-19 clinics with clients who are either pregnant, immunosuppressed or have and autoimmune disease, for verbal attestation.

Allergy Advice re: COVID-19 Vaccine is Available on the Ontario eConsult Service

Allergy advice for the COVID-19 Vaccine is now available on the Ontario eConsult Service. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners can make inquiries regarding COVID-19 vaccine allergy-related clinical questions to Allergy and Clinical Immunology Specialists electronically and get a response within days. Inquiries can be patient-specific or general.  This service is accessed via BASETM and is listed under COVID-19 and Allergy & Clinical Immunology. For further details, visit:

Documentation of Verbal Attestation for use by Immunization Clinics: COVID-19 Vaccination

The Ministry of Health has developed a form entitled Documentation of Verbal Attestation for use by Immunization Clinics: COVID-19 Vaccination. It will be required with clients seeking COVID-19 vaccination who must first be counselled by their treating health care provider, due to pregnancy, being immunosuppressed or having an autoimmune disease. By signing this form, the client attests to having consulted with their Practitioner prior to seeking vaccination for COVID-19. This form will be signed at the time of immunization by both the client and the vaccinator. It is shared with you so that you are aware of the expectations of treating clinicians.


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Dr. Penny Sutcliffe
Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer

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