Update: Pregnancy Now Considered Highest-Risk Health Condition; Now Eligible for Vaccination

Advisory Alert

April 23, 2021

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To: Healthcare Partners


Update to highest-risk health conditions: Pregnancy

The purpose of this Advisory Alert is to share that pregnancy is now considered a highest-risk health condition under Phase 2 of the provincial COVID-19 vaccination plan. Individuals who are pregnant are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Please be advised that individuals who are pregnant are not exempt from the 112-day second dose interval. This is in accordance with the health conditions as described in the provincial plan.

We ask for your continued assistance in contacting eligible patients who have highest-risk health conditions, now including pregnant patients, and provide them with booking instructions. We also ask that you provide information to these patients to help support their decision-making.

Highest-risk health conditions

As a reminder, highest-risk health conditions include:

Up to one primary essential caregiver for those in the highest-risk health conditions group and for certain individuals in the high-risk health conditions group may also be eligible. An essential caregiver is someone providing direct, frequent and sustained in person personal care and/or assistance with activities of daily living to the individual.

Share booking and clinic details with your patients

Once the individuals have been identified, we ask that you share booking details with them.

Booking Instructions

Provide your patients with the following booking information:

Please note that booking is open for those with both highest– and high-risk health conditions. Those with at-risk health conditions are yet not yet eligible to book their COVID-19 vaccine.

Resources for patient education

To help patients make informed decisions about the COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, please review the information in the Ministry’s Vaccination in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Decision-Making Support Tool.


Original Signed By

Dr. Penny Sutcliffe
Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer

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For reference, please see the following list of high-risk and at-risk health conditions. Individuals in the at-risk group are not yet eligible for vaccination.

High-risk health conditions

At-risk health conditions

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