Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP): Influenza Vaccine Product Availability for the 2018/19 Season

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October 4, 2018

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To community health care providers:

Re: Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP): Influenza Vaccine Product Availability for the 2018/19 Season

For the 2018/19 influenza season, four vaccines are publicly funded through the UIIP. Product-specific details are described in Table 1 below. Quadrivalent vaccines are recommended for the majority of eligible Ontarians ≥ 6 months of age. One trivalent (TIV) high-dose vaccine will be available for persons ≥ 65 years.

We understand that your patients ≥65 years may request the high-dose TIV over other formulations. Please note the following evidence concerning this vaccine:

Please consider the above if your patients are requesting high-dose TIV where supply is limited.

In accordance with the World Health Organization’s recommended strains, the vaccines being offered through the UIIP contain:

Table 1: Publicly funded influenza vaccines available through the 2018/2019 UIIP

VaccineQuadrivalent Inactivated Vaccines (QIVs)*
Quadrivalent Inactivated Vaccines (QIVs)*
Quadrivalent - Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (Q-LAIV)*High-Dose Trivalent Inactivated Vaccine
VaccineFluLaval® TetraFluzone® QuadrivalentFluMist® QuadrivalentFluzone® High-Dose
Age≥ 6 months of age

≥ 6 months of age2 to 17 years of age65 years of age and older
Dosage0.5 mL0.5 mL0.2 mL (0.1 mL in each nostril)0.5 mL
Most Common AllergensEgg Protein**
Egg Protein**
Thimerosal (multi-dose vial only)
Egg Protein**
Egg Protein**
*The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has not identified any preference between Q-LAIV and QIV products.
**According to NACI, egg-allergic individuals may be vaccinated against influenza using the full dose of any appropriate product, including QIV, Q-LAIV and high-dose TIV.

Vaccine Orders and Availability

Influenza vaccine orders are available for pick-up starting October 10, 2018. Your initial supply of Fluzone High-Dose® TIV (for individuals 65 years and older) as well as FluMist® (live attenuated QIV for children age 2 to 17) will be reduced due to provincial supply issues.

At this time it is recommended that you prioritize the use of the vaccine products in limited supply for vaccination of only those eligible patients in your practice at highest risk of influenza and its complications. It is anticipated that Fluzone High-Dose® and FluMist® Quadrivalent will be more plentiful toward the end of October and the remaining portions of your requested orders will be filled in accordance with our local supplies. Immunization of the remainder of your patient population is recommended at the end of October or early November once supply issues have resolved.

Publicly funded Fluzone High-Dose® is not available at pharmacies during the 2018/19 season. It is, as a priority, being distributed to long-term care homes and hospitals for vaccination of those eligible who are at highest risk.

Fluzone High-Dose® vaccine will only be available at Public Health Sudbury & Districts on or after October 29.

Additional Resources

The full UIIP package, including vaccine fact sheets and program-specific information, is available on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s website at www.ontario.ca/influenza.

The Canadian Immunization Guide Chapter on Influenza and Statement on Seasonal Influenza Vaccine for 2018/19 can be accessed at: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/healthy-living/canadianimmunization-guide-statement-seasonal-influenza-vaccine-2018-2019.html


Health care providers (i.e. physicians, nurses, and pharmacists) are required by law (i.e. Health Protection and Promotion Act, s. 38) to report adverse events following immunization (AEFI). Reports should be made using the Ontario AEFI Reporting Form (link/address below) and faxed to our confidential fax line at 705.677.9618.


Should you have any questions, please contact the immunization program at 705.522.9200, ext. 301


Ariella Zbar, MD, CCFP, MPH, MBA, FRCPC
Associate Medical Officer of Health and Director, Clinical Services

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