High-risk health care workers eligible to receive a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at a shortened interval

Advisory Alert

May 15, 2021

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To: Health Care Providers


High-risk health care workers to receive their second dose sooner and in tandem with Public Health’s roll out of first doses

This Advisory Alert informs that certain high-risk health care workers* will be eligible to book their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at an interval shorter than four months and as per Ministry of Health direction. This group includes highest priority health care workers, long-term care home and retirement home staff, and essential caregivers. Public Health Sudbury & Districts is currently reviewing dose allocations and clinic opportunities to make provisions for those high-risk health care workers* where possible.

Second doses may be offered to high-risk health care workers* in tandem with Public Health’s roll out of first doses. Public Health Sudbury & Districts will work to reschedule as many individuals as possible based on vaccine availability. These second dose opportunities will be balanced with first dose allocations for those currently eligible to receive their first dose. No first dose appointments will be cancelled.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts follows Ministry of Health guidance for the extension of the second dose interval. Unless someone meets one of the pre-prescribed criteria, the dosing interval remains at 112 days. Any further recommendations for shortened second dose intervals will be communicated.

The booking process for high-risk health care workers immunized at select clinics

Over the coming weeks, a sequential approach will be implemented for certain high-risk health care workers*. This means that those who were immunized early on may have opportunities to receive their second dose as vaccine supply permits.

If you were scheduled in the following clinics, you will be rebooked and contacted directly (via phone or email) with your new appointment details.

Greater Sudbury
Chapleau Area
Lacloche Foothills Area
Manitoulin Island
Sudbury East Area

If you were part of one of these clinics and do not hear from us about rebooking by Thursday, May 20, please call the booking centre to be put on a waitlist.

Request an appointment by phone:

It is important to note that the advancement of the first group with second dose appointments will help high-risk health care workers to receive their second dose about 2-3 weeks earlier than originally scheduled.

If these new dates do not work for you, please call the booking centre to be put on the waitlist for other second dose clinics.

The booking process for high-risk health care workers who were immunized after initial clinic dates

Individuals who meet the high-risk health care worker* criteria and who were not immunized in one of the clinics listed above may call the booking centre to be put on a waitlist for second dose opportunities beginning Sunday, May 16.

Request a spot on the waitlist by phone:

Each week Public Health Sudbury & Districts schedules second dose clinics to book individuals from the waitlist as vaccine supply permits. You will be contacted directly when appointment times are available.

High-risk health care workers who have yet to receive first dose

Health care workers who meet the high-risk health care worker eligibility criteria will be asked to identify at the time of booking and at their vaccination appointment that they are eligible to receive their second dose earlier than the extended four-month interval. Eligibility will be assessed per Ministry guidance at time of immunization and those who are confirmed eligible for the shorter second dose timeline, will be re-booked at the shorter interval prior to leaving the immunization center.

Next steps

At this time, all bookings for second doses must be done by calling the local booking centre. Booking with the online province system may become an additional possibility in the coming weeks and additional information will be provided at that time.

Stay up to date with local eligibility, including clinic dates and locations by visiting our clinics page.


Original Signed By

Dr. Penny Sutcliffe
Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer

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*High-risk health care workers who will be eligible for the shortened second-dose interval include:


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